Welcome to Vietnam Interdisciplinary Research Ecosystem!

Vietnam Interdisciplinary Research Ecosystem (VIRE) is an international and interdisciplinary research network, aiming to propose innovative solutions to address a wide range of global and local issues, including population health, innovation and application of technology advancements in agriculture and manufacturing industry. VIRE involves international researchers and leaders from various education and research institutions namely, among others, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, National University of Singapore, Hanoi Medical University and Vietnam National University. Expertise of the group consist of information and communications technology, business management, medical sciences, clinical care, global health, and so on. With this platform, we want to generate an environment that brings scholars together and push innovation in research. On top of that, we want to promote research capacities of junior researchers by giving them the accessibility of various educational opportunities in both national and international contexts.

  • Molecular biology & Genetics.
  • Environment and Ecology.
  • Robotics and Computer Science.
  • Nanotechnology Research.
  • Health Science Research Sources.
  • Psychology and Neurobiology Issues

Promote eco-training start-up business
Molecular medicine
Study the impact of Global development policies
Impact assessment of climate change, air pollution on health in Vietnam

Research funding